Rockin’ Rockette’s Bedhead Boutique

I love Tink’s accessories so much, they deserves a post all of their own. But first, can we take a moment to appreciate how she she co-ordinates her hair, eyebrows AND glasses?


Right. Back to business.

Fed up of not being able to find quirky accessories in her local area, she began making them for herself and now creates custom accessories for aspiring pin-up girls, ranging from garters to shoe bows – and they’re faaahhbulous.


She made me this tattoo heart necklace displaying my favourite Welsh lyric (‘Honest heart, pure heart’), which serves as a great talking point so I can gently inform English people that WALES IS A REAL COUNTRY DAMNIT.


However, the vinyl record bag is arguably her trademark creation and was my most prized possession until someone recently stepped on it at a party, and even though it’s cracked I can’t bring myself to chuck it. It seems to match everything and brings a really special finishing touch to swing dresses. No to mention EVERYBODY thinks you’re the bees knees despite not being quite sure how to use a record player.

Photo by Studio Six

There’s a humongous range of fabrics available, although I personally went for the black and white musical note print because it’s so versatile; realistically, Disney Princesses will only match my nipple tassels.

Although the record you’re given is random (does Justin Bieber sell vinyls? Baah!) you’re welcome to post Tink a particular vinyl, or even your own shoe!


And while we’re on the subject of bags, how ridiculous if this Grumpy Cat tote?


Not only extremely talented, Tink genuinely cares for her customers and was recently reduced to floods of tears on learning a pair of child’s boots had been made for a daughter’s funeral.


She also firmly believes in braving the bullies and celebrating your size no matter what, which makes me like her even more. Good thing you can’t outgrow a handbag because my Christmas pudding thighs are going nowhere soon…

For more of Tink’s work visit Rockin’ Rockette’s Bedhead Boutique.


One thought on “Rockin’ Rockette’s Bedhead Boutique

  1. Fabulous!!!! I absolutely love Tink! We share a dreaded medical condition that causes a whole load of problems which can have a domino effect on your life…. Anyways I seen how well she does despite this and took my first steps to opening my own business 6 months ago and it’s the best decision I have ever made!!
    Now if only I could get my hair to look just as awesome!!! 😂


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