If there’s one thing I love (except lemons and glitter, of course) it’s fairies. I’ve loved fairies for as long as I remember. I remember taking a sample of my new fairy wallpaper to show my year one class. My favourite childhood film was Fairy Tale. Until she died, my grandma bought me fairy ornaments which I’ll someday display in my own home. For my high school animal themed night out, I was a butterfly which is basically a fairy in disguise (my wings were so wide I had to walk through doors sideways).


At Glastonbury festival I discovered Fairylove, who have been spreading the love and magic since 1992 as makers of bespoke wings and accessories.

Their “fairy army”  typically wear wings, nipple pasties and glitter, which I’m convinced is the best. look. ever.


Wings and not wearing clothes, my other favourite things! What could better represent festival freedom?

We’re midway through summer season and I still can’t decide what to order in preparation for events like Festival N0.6. I’ve definitely got my eye on these high waisted hot pants though, which are made of ‘sequins, beads and love’:


Certain products are at the pricier end of the scale, ranging from £12.50 to £120. I’m torn between pastel options and these, which are £65:


And the fantasy wear doesn’t stop at fairies. How cool are these mythical ram horns?


And how cute are these bumper stickers?


Here’s a roundup of my favourite fairy looks. Don’t forget to tell me about your unusual costume ideas for festival season in the comments!







To create your own magic visit Fairylove’s Etsy page, or find inspiration on Facebook.  PS, Fairylove: can I be part of the love army 2017, pretty please with glitter on top?





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